Dimensional Letter Signs – Advantages and Uses

Dimensional Letter Signs are not what they used to be. In the past, these signs were used as an overlay for larger types of advertising on the ground floor of a building. In fact, dimensional letter signs were so popular that many companies used them as the front yard signs of their buildings. These signs provided the building the illusion of having an extra wide open front door and made the building appear wider and taller.

But dimensional signs were never really part of the signage plan until the 70’s. This was the time when computerized signage started gaining traction in the business world. The popularity of computerized signage increased dramatically and with it, the use of dimensional letter signs. They appeared more frequently on the grounds, giving buildings the illusion of additional wide front doors and creating an illusion of a larger space.

Dimensional Letter Signs has evolved over time from their original use as overlay signs to fully digital signs. In fact, the most advanced type of dimensional letters is a type of additive ink that is applied with a special pen on the flat surface of any type of vinyl material. Then the image or text is transferred directly to the surface with no interference from the pen itself. With this type of sign, there is no need to blend the interior letters with the exterior. The vinyl material can be clear or frosted, and the text or image can be printed in standard or 3D.

Today, dimensional letter signs are still used in the front of office buildings and lobby entrances. They are also used on street signs and at various points of a facility to help make the building’s design more apparent to visitors. Even roadside signage, which was once reserved for businesses’ directional signs and for parking permits, is being converted to be read by drivers from the drivers seat. This sign features specially designed lights and are weatherproof.

Digital signs do not require a frame because they are entirely digital. The sign is simply printed on a flexible substrate, such as acrylic, and mounted on a frame that is similar to a door or window frame. As mentioned, the technology behind digital signage allows for full control of the size of the text or image, along with the colors and backgrounds. A great advantage to this style of signage is the ease in which a wide variety of text, color, and background patterns can be combined. As an example, you can combine different colored text with raised letters or use a faded background with different colored text.

Although these types of signs are popular in public areas, they are becoming more popular in private offices and homes as well. Many homeowners like the option of using digital signs for indoor purposes, and many interior designers love the ability to create richly detailed interior signs. Digital interior signs do not have the same drawbacks as outdoor signs; for instance, they usually do not need to be anchored to the wall, which means they can easily be moved. Digital signs can also be printed in different sizes, allowing you to create very large or small displays depending on your specific needs.

Dimensional letter signs are quite inexpensive, making them cost-effective for almost any business or commercial location. The technology used to create these signs allows them to be printed on standard paper, meaning that if you are looking for a very detailed display, you do not have to pay a fortune to get it. These types of signs are also very easy to mount. They can usually be displayed without any tools, and they are often available in high-end white or black. These dimensional signs can fit into just about any location and are especially convenient for businesses that want an economical way to advertise their products or services.

Another great thing about dimensional letter signs is that you can choose from a wide variety of different text markers, allowing you to personalize your messages. These signage options can include popular phrases, famous lines, or even fun animals or graphics. You can have fun with these text markers, personalizing your messages so that everyone knows what it is you want to say. Whatever your needs may be, you can find a unique text marker to fit your style of advertising, creating the perfect signage solution for your business. Click here for more details on dimensional signage.