Indoor Signs – For Waypoints and Indoor Communication

Indoor Signs comes in all shapes and sizes and there is something for everyone in the Indoor Signs category. There are few industries that would not benefit from a fresh revamp of their existing signage, or the application of a brand new indoor signage component. Indoor signs come in all different types and formats from full business branding elements through to access and wayfinding signage and even magnetic signage.

Indoor Signs


Branded Indoor Signs has been in vogue for a very long time. These Indoor Signs can vary significantly in size, shape and cost from very cheap and tacky to very high tech and expensive. These Indoor Signs ranges from company logos on plastic cards through to full colour LED billboards. Some signs can be programmed to automatically light up and speak out, whilst other indoor signs can be controlled by a computer or manually. The latest indoor signage systems are extremely slick and can blend seamlessly with most lighting environments, providing an unobtrusive yet engaging display that is sure to be instantly noticeable.


Indoor Signs can also be used as simple access and wayfinding components. As technology advances and the number of people using computers and laptops become higher, so does the demand for easy to see and identify ways of finding services and products. Indoor signage has evolved greatly from using large and heavy fonts on large boards to small and lightweight digital signs that can be easily carried in pockets or handbags. In addition to using digital technology, manufacturers of indoor signs are also incorporating high definition (HD) projection technology onto printed substrate material, which means that indoor signage displays are easily visible even in situations where bright sunlight is present. With the introduction of HD projection technology into indoor signs, signage displays no longer need to be viewed from behind because the sign is clear to all who are within its path.


Indoor signage can also be incorporated into the way you go about your daily business. Having simple and effective wayfinding system integrated into your business day-to-day activities can help cut unnecessary waiting time when customers are trying to find their way around your store. Wayfinding signs can help guide shoppers towards the different departments and products on your shelves, as well as directing them towards checkouts. This results in increased customer satisfaction and ultimately higher profit margins. Signage not only serves the practical purpose of directing traffic but it also serves as an effective way of communication for staff to direct customers where they need to go when shopping or attempting to locate information or products.


Another use for indoor signage is as feedback systems for the production and sales staff. Interactive touch screen displays have become common place in retail outlets and providing your sales staff with the ability to interact with and direct customers via these interactive touch screens will improve sales and efficiency. Indoor signage is not just a novelty nowadays but has become a necessity in modern retail. Wayfinding signs are very cost effective and are proving to be beneficial for both the business owner and the staff.


Indoor signage can help businesses in many ways, especially those who have limited floor space. As technology improves, indoor signage will only get more efficient and user friendly. Indoor signages provide the business with the modern appeal and efficiency required to compete in today’s marketplace. Business owners and managers now have many more options when deciding what type of indoor signage will best fit their businesses and their staff.