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Postcard Marketing – A Great Way to Invite New Customer

A postcard is a standard rectangle-shaped piece of paper that is used for public postings. It is classified according to state standards and is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and weights. In 1870, approximately 75 million postcards were sent within the United Kingdom. In 1973, the British Post Office introduced PHQ Cards, a format that is becoming more popular among collectors. The PHQ cards feature a first-day-of-issue postmark and are therefore considered highly collectible.

Compared to emails or other digital forms of advertising, postcards tend to capture the attention of readers. They are more tactile than email blasts, and are a pleasant object to hold and read. They also don’t have an envelope and can be seen by anyone within the postal system. Additionally, a postcard can be accidentally tossed on a desk or counter, which can lead to a brand memory. Once a consumer has read a postcard, it’s likely to remain in their minds for a long time.

To create an effective postcard campaign, you must ensure that the content of the card is readable. While most of us prefer digital forms of advertising, people tend to pay much more attention to printed material. For example, a physical postcard has an open form factor. Anyone who goes through the postal system can read a postcard. The form factor of a postcard also makes it easier for an audience to scan the contents. It’s not uncommon for a person to glance at a postcard and then forget about it.

There are a variety of ways to send a postcard, including e-mails. In fact, e-mail is an easy way to send a personal message. You can also use the postcard as an alternative to sending a gift. While the message on a postcard is often brief and personal, it’s not recommended include any confidential information. It is not appropriate to mail a personal or business card to a friend.

Unlike e-cards, postcards are not sent to specific people. The only difference between them is the style and design. In general, a postcard can contain up to four different images. One may be an advertisement for a new book, a movie, or an album. A good-looking postcard will make the recipient feel more inclined to read the message, so it is worth a little extra effort. You may even find a customer who is interested in your product or service by addressing a postcard to them.

Postcards are generally small and flat. They can be mailed in their original envelope. However, the post-office classifies a postcard in an envelope as a First Class letter. In contrast, a postcard in an unenclosed envelope is considered to be a postcard and not a letter. They are both rectangular and must be 3.5 inches tall by five inches. They cannot be longer than four inches in order to be properly classified. To make sure you will get a high quality postcard hire the best print shop in Jacksonville, FL.